We owe our success to four distinct building blocks which works as differentiators and sets us apart from others and gives a competitive edge over them.


Cutting-edge technologies with matchless experience to develop world-class authentication, anti-counterfeiting and anti-tampering solutions. Strong emphasis on R&D, to produce best-in-class security features
Up gradation of technologies from time-to-time and keeping pace with market trends and industrial standards
In-depth understanding of how technology organically flows in all the departments of a company giving us a leading edge


Five state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities equipped with the best R&D facilities; one of the largest hologram manufacturing facilities in the world
12 centres at strategic locations ensuring quick services and easy deliveries
Significant coordination and cohesive working amongst all infrastructural elements like people, technology, systems, procedures, policies, processes, intellectual property, and more

Quality & Service

750+ members’ work-force who work hand-in-hand to ensure speedy accomplishments of quality services
Professional quality team and advanced control systems for stringent product testing against pre-defined industry parameters and re-evaluation and monitoring of all quality control procedures
A team of service operators of assessment of quality of services given to the customers, identify problems and rectify them


Backed up by rich 40+ years of professional work experience in developing some of the most robust security solutions in the world
Distinct vision and unparalleled approach towards handling customer experience
Application of design thinking to get different, more innovative outcomes that create better customer experiences


Know how we helped our folks fight counterfeiting; everything right from the problems faced till the successful implementation of our solutions!

Success Stories

We share a little part in their successful ventures. Know more of their victorious fight against counterfeiting!